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My role at Canadianpedia

My role is to work with contributors to make Canadianpedia greater than what it is. I work with new administrators to develop policies that work for Canadianpedia, change policies that don't work, and find solutions for the greater good of Canadianpedia. I also police Canadianpedia to ensure rules are being followed and, I oversee all administrators until we have a well balanced system in place where my attendence is not required as much. I am also responsible for "hiring" new administrators, until we have a well balanced and responsible administrators capable of handing this task among others.

Why Canadianpedia?

For far too long, many of the well known wiki sites have very strict and confusing rules and regulations in place. Some rules are open to interpretation by administrators, leaving editors frustrated. Some wiki websites also don't allow VPN users to edit on their platform. We are here to make things easier for all of our editors. Before a rule is implemented, it gets scrutinized by administators of Canadianpedia. Of course, Canadianpedia won't every be free of problems and, we are open to editing any policy that is just down right confusing. New editors can find editing or creating a page daunting, we know that and, Canadianpedia is always willing to work with new editors who create articles or edit an article, to ensure it meets our requirements and, no TOS is violated. The BAN hammer or threat of one is not used right away, unless we have exhausted all options.


Countries and Places I've visited
USA Mexico
U.S.A. Mexico