AHO Media Limited

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AHO Media
Industry Digital Media
Founded 2018
Founder Brian Rodgers
Headquarters Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, ,
Area served
United States
Divisions Canadianpedia
AHO Canada
Bermuda Hurricane Organization
Website [[[:Template:Wdib]] ] 

AHO Media Limited (AHO Media Ltd.) is a private nopt-for-profit company located in Nova Scotia, Canada. AHO Media Limited owns and operates three subsidiaries, all of which are exclusively online.


  • Canadianpedia: Is a new online encyclopedia based in Canada, where users are welcome to create and edit articles with fewer limitations than other online encyclopedia's. Anyone is welcome to edit articles regardless if a person has a registered account however, some semi-protected articles require an account to edit, to protect against spam.
  • Bermuda Hurricane Organization: Is a new online Tropical Cyclone not-for-profit entity, delivering tropical forecasts and alerts to Bermuda. Bermuda Hurricane Organization formed in 2017 after the entity was branched from AHO Canada formerly known as the Atlantic Hurricane Center. Bermuda Hurricane Organization is exclusively on Facebook.

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