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CanadianWiki Official Logo (2019-Present)
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Screenshot of as of July 06, 2018
Type of site
Online encyclopedia
Available in English
Owner AHO Media Limited
Created by Brian Rodgers
Commercial No
Registration Optional (Required for Semi-Protected Pages)
Users Increase 65 as of January 12, 2019; 4 months ago (2019-01-12)
Launched February 4, 2018; 15 months ago (2018-02-04)
Current status Active
Written in LAMP platform

Canadianpedia (formerly CanadianWiki) is a free online encyclopedia that allows everyone to edit and create content that is informative. Canadianpedia is funded by donations by the general public, and unlike other wiki's, Canadianpedia won't ask or beg for donations. Canadianpedia is owned by AHO Media Limited and, is operated by AHO Media Limited and it's volunteer administrators.

Canadianpedia was developed in response to strict rules and varying rules from Administrators of other Wiki's, some more popular than others. Canadianpedia was created by Brian Rodgers with the vision of Canadian content written by Canadians for Canadians. While this is still the vision, Canadianpedia also allows non-Canadians to contribute to any topic internationally. While Canadianpedia does have some rules, we try to be fair and relaxed on most rules whereas, which allows editors to relax without fear of significant consequences. Canadianpedia is created under the English Language with intentions on expanding over time to other languages. With that said, Canadianpedia does not allow non-English articles on Canadianpedia unless there are registered administrators who speak that language as well as English, who can monitor non-English pages. We at Canadianpedia do not have the attitude "Not everything should be on Wiki", actually, we encourage you to input as much information as possible, as long as there are credible sources attached.


Some content on Canadianpedia is restricted to certain user groups to protect them from vandalism. For example: Modules are only allowed to be edited by an administrator, while templates can be edited by registered users, but both blocked by non-registered users from editing. High traffic pages like the Main_Page is restricted from editing for everyone except administrators, this page, has a high risk of vandalism due to the amount of traffic. Users can also request a page to be restricted to a user group, or request a page be move protected disallowing some user groups from moving a page to a new page.


Users can at anytime see what has been edited and, see what was added or removed from articles. To see this visit Special:RecentChanges.


Administrators ("sysop") is a collection of proven editors on Canadianpedia, who have demonstrated good leadership, good article patrolling, good article writing, and have proven themselves to Canadianpedia. Administrators are responsible for patrolling pages on Canadianpedia, policing pages, resolving disputes between contributors, just to name a few.

Web Chat

Registered users are more than welcome to chat with one another, about anything he/she wishes. We must tell you there are some restrictions on what is allowed. Chatters are not welcome to:

  • Post personal information including addresses and phone numbers
  • Harass editors
  • Discussing topics associated with drugs, alcohol, suicide, sexual orientation, race, religion, politics, death, murder (These subject matters can cause harm and personal distress)
  • Posting website links (Canadianpedia links excluded from this rule)

You should be cautioned that, administrators are not always on the web chat therefore, there may and likely will be times when administrators are not able to monitor the chat, and take any action at that time while admins are either offline or are doing other work on Canadianpedia. You are warned to use the chat at your own risk and, Canadianpedia assumes no liability should you use the chat while there are no admins on the chat, and, you further agree to this rule if you use the chat. Canadianpedia admins are able to view messages on the chat via the Chat Log at any time, and, we can see who posts what and when. We can take action on a editor that was reported to Canadianpedia, when ever that report is viewed.

Disciplinary Privacy

Users who report other users for what ever reason, will be dealt with by an administrator. Canadianpedia admins are not allowed to discuss editors that are being reviewed and what steps taken towards an editor to other editors. Everyone is entitled to privacy and, editors being reviewed by an admin is also entitled to privacy. If an editor is being suspended or banned for a period of time, we won't speak of this to other editors but, you should know penalties like a short ban will appear in the ban list for everyone to see.

Virtual Private Network(VPN)

Simply put, we don't block VPN users from editing. A VPN or Virtual Private Network can be used in a bad way and, we are aware many people do use VPN in a negative manner. However, we know many good people do use VPN at their home or office, and have many reasons for doing so. Wikipedia for example blocks most VPN's from editing their Wiki, and, while this has pros for their platform, Canadianpedia sees it as a negative for the wider community. Canadianpedia does not and will never block VPN users. We do block IP addresses that are in violation of the Canadianpedia ToS, but you are welcome to use which ever VPN provider, and feel free to edit knowing your real IP address can not be seen or tracked by CanadianWiki editors.